Who we are

Who We Are

MEDIA LITERACY INSTITUTE (MLI) is a nonprofit organization established in 2017 under the Greek Laws. Its purpose is the promotion and dissemination of the concepts comprising the field of MEDIA LITERACY in Greece, Europe and internationally and the motivation of Greek citizens to be familiarized with and trained in media literacy issues. The goal of MLI is to disseminate the current conceptual, theoretical, regulatory and practical context and meanings of Media Literacy, with particular focus on Greece, and to provide to the Greek citizens opportunities to become familiar with the information, skills, tools and means related to Media Literacy issues and to get involved in relevant activities.

Furthermore, MEDIA LITERACY INSTITUTE, as per its statutes of establishment, supports the idea that democracy requires well informed citizens and that MEDIA LITERACY is one of the major instruments to fight radicalization, to combat hate speech online, to promote fundamental citizens’ rights, to interact with media in a mindful way, to deconstruct media communication, and to develop the ability to research sources, authors and purposes of any content and to distinguish information from propaganda. In this context, MLI promotes NEWS LITERACY concepts, stressing the necessity of critical thinking when receiving information from any source, and provides knowledge as for how media messages are constructed and used. MLI focuses especially on online but also printed content, content on social media and on any kind of publicly and frequently used user communication platforms, as well as information from various sources. MLI aims to empower readers to be critical of their sources and to provide guidance and verification tools so that readers can differentiate news from misinformation, biased content or propaganda.